What are PHOs?

PHOs, or Primary Health Organisations, receive a fixed amount of money from the Government to help provide different types of health based services.

A PHO provider, such as Piritahi Hau Ora, consists of a group of doctors, nurses and other people trained in healthcare who work together to provide better health services for you and your family.

We can now do more things to keep people healthy and not just look after them when they are sick.

Auckland PHO

Piritahi Hau Ora is a member of the Auckland PHO.

It is important to realise that in order to enrol with us, you need to be eligible for publicly funded healthcare in New Zealand.  When you register with us, you will need to provide evidence of this at your first appointment, such as a New Zealand Passport, New Zealand Birth Certificate or any Passport containing a valid NZ Permanent Residency Visa valid for more than two consecutive years.

Further information can be obtained here from the Ministry of Health.

So what does this actually mean for you as a Patient enrolled at our practice?

  • Cheaper consultation fees (approximately 50% of the consultation fee is funded by the government)
  • Cheaper prescription fees
  • Consistency in your Primary Healthcare needs
  • One free annual diabetic review for diabetic patients
  • Free Sexual Health consultations for 22 years and under
  • Reduced consultation fees for patients with chronic medical conditions
The funding is based on the numbers and characteristics (e.g. age, sex, ethnicity) of people enrolled with them, The funding will pay for services to:
  • Provide care and treatment when people are ill
  • Help people stay healthy
  • Reach out to those groups in their community who have poor health or are missing out on primary health care.


The government plans to increase funding to PHOs with the aim of reducing the cost of primary health care for everyone over time.

Why should you enrol with a PHO?

  1. You will receive the same services and more to ensure that you and your family stay well and healthy
  2. You will help us to better understand your health concerns and improve the health of your family.
  3. We can work with other health services in your area to make sure that you and your family receive all the benefits and have access to good quality health care.


Frequently Asked Questions about PHOs

Can I enrol with more than one Primary Health Organisation?

No. You should enrol with the service you use most often.

You can still visit other Primary Healthcare professionals, but there are benefits when you get most of your healthcare from your usual doctor, nurse, or health service.


What will happen if I do not enrol with a Primary Health Organisation?

Enrolment is voluntary. If you choose not to enrol, you will still be able to visit any primary health care professional to get the care you need. Your health professional will still receive any subsidy the government currently gives them, although this may not be as much as that provided for enrolled patients.


Can I enrol my children?

Yes, you can enrol any children in your care if they are 16 years of age or under. Ask at reception to find out what you need to do. We can only consider applications for enrolment for children where at least one parent is enrolled with us.


Can I enrol other members of my family or whanau?

No, if they are over the age of 16 they need to enrol themselves, unless you have Power of Attorney or you are their authorized representative.


Will I still need to pay to see my GP or nurse?

You will still have to pay to see your GP or nurse, but once your enrolment is processed by the Ministry of Health and if you are eligible for subsidised consultations, we will be able to offer reduced fees, or even free care for some categories of patients.

All our standard charges and the reduced charges available to enrolled patients that receive the additional subsidies from the Ministry of Health, these are displayed on our website and at reception. If you have any questions about the health services provided or cost, ask at reception.


What happens to my enrolment information?

When you enrol, the PHO will use the information collected from you to build an enrolment register. This register is sent to the Ministry of Health where your information will remain confidential.


The Ministry of Health needs this information to:

  • Calculate the funding that is given to the Primary Health Organization
  • Correct your details on the National Health Index
  • Monitor quality of care

The following information is kept:

  • Name and address
  • Date of birth, gender and ethnicity
  • CSC (Community Services Card) number and expiry date (and if applicable) High User Card and expiry date
  • National Health Index (NHI) number known by the PHO
  • Whether you are a New Zealand resident or not
  • The date of your enrolment and the date you last visited your doctor or nurse.
  • The reason for your visit will not be sent to the Ministry of Health


If you have any questions, please do contact us