Seeing your registered provider or Doctor to discuss and monitor your ongoing medical conditions is the best way to obtain a repeat prescription of your long term medications.

Providing repeat prescriptions without seeing you is at the discretion of your doctor.

NOTE: We do not routinely contact you after a script request. We will contact you if an appointment with your doctor is needed or if we require any further information to issue the prescription.

If we do not contact you within 24 hours (1 working day) the prescription will be ready. (There will be a delay over weekends and public holidays).

You need to see the doctor before the prescription is issued if:

  • you have not reviewed your use of this medication with your Doctor in the last 6 months OR
  • been in the hospital since you have last seen your doctor OR
  • your medication was altered at your last visit by your doctor OR
  • you have seen a specialist and medications were altered OR
  • you are requesting an antibiotic, sleeping pill or medication that is not classified as one of your long term medications

How to request a repeat prescription

You can order a repeat prescription either by logging in to your account on our Patient Portal

Call the clinic and leave a message on the Nurse Phone line.

Please allow 24 hours for your prescription to be ready, if you require an urgent prescription you will need to make an appointment to see the Doctor.

Log in to your ConnectMed account


Once you are logged in, choose the name of your doctor, how you would like your prescription delivered and whether the script is urgent or not.



If you opt for “fax to pharmacy” in the delivery drop down field you will also be required to type the name of the pharmacy and their fax number in the fields provided




Once you have chosen and completed all of the correct options move to the medications field and in the select box tick which medication from your long term list you would like




Once you have completed your selections you can opt to write a comment for the practice or leave this space blank, and then click ‘next’




The ‘next’ screen gives you a summary of the information that will be sent to your practice and the amount that you will owe to the practice for ordering the script. If the information you see is correct click ‘send’




After clicking send your script will be successfully sent to your medical practice, and you will be taken to your prescription screen. You can return here any time to check on the details of past prescriptions you have ordered online