The Piritahi Hau Ora Whanau Therapist provides skilled help for whanau, parents and tamariki/children, to assist resolving problems that make living together difficult.

How we can help.

Our Therapist is a caring, careful listener who offers counselling for the whole whanau in a supportive non-judgmental environment.

The behaviour of tamariki and rangatahi/young people influences the entire household, as does the behaviour of parents. The Whanau Therapist may be able to assist with a range of behavioural issues including 2 year old tantrums, teenage temper outburst, physical, emotional and sexual violence, effects of parental separation, substance and alcohol abuse and its effects, school issues and difficulties over access to a non-custodial parent, for example.

What happens in Counselling?

People usually come for counselling because they are unhappy with how their lives are right now.

The counselling situation provides space and time with a skilled helper for you to explore your difficulties and concerns and to develop more satisfying ways of dealing with things.

It is often useful (and easier) to talk with someone who is outside of the situation to help identify and isolate the problems, and assist you in finding solutions.

Who can come?

The service is designed for whanau, with tamariki and rangatahi 17 years and under living on Waiheke Island.

It is a CONFIDENTIAL and FREE service. Individuals or couples may be seen, following an initial whanau interview.


This service is provided by: 

Counsellor specialised in child and family therapy.

Please contact our reception for more information and bookings, or ask your Nurse or GP for a referral.

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